5iphon Resources

Thank you for joining my 5iphon team!

Concurrent computing

To get the most out of the system, you will need the following resources – which are free to join!

Autoresponder – A-Weber

You will need an Auto-Responder where your 5iphon leads will be placed!

I recommend A-Weber because of the multitude of other integrations available to it’s users…also, as a member of my team, I can send you campaign codes to set up entire e-mail sequences automatically in your account!

Traffic Source – UDIMI

You will want a free membership with UDIMI – as seen in the training page, this is a top resource to provide the initial spark to light the fire of the 5iphon system’s viral effect. If you already have a fast source of traffic, you don’t absolutely need this one, but if you don’t, and you want instant gratification, I highly recommend it!