By | December 17, 2020

Every few months there’s a major launch of software that posts on Facebook…

If you’ve invested in this, you KNOW that either:
1. It requires you to create your own Facebook APP, which is close to impossible to get approved now.
2. They get their own APP but it gets banned after a few months due to user abuse and the software stops working!

I’ve been through all of this for years and burned through a lot of money on the latest & greatest.

The only app that’s proven the test of time is FP Traffic.

FP traffic has the easiest setup of all the auto-posters.
FP traffic has it’s own APP and has been maintained for years by the developer!

You can create unlimited fanpages, accounts, etc…without paying through the nose for upgrades!

You can post to both Facebook and Twitter with plans to add more networks at no additional cost!

If you’re an Amazon affiliate, you can queue and post months worth of Amazon products with your link embedded!

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