By | March 19, 2021

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If you’re promoting affiliate offers in the online business niche, it’s essential that you offer a competitive package of bonuses.

Your average customer may be on a dozen marketers’ lists and will see the same product being promoted by all of them, especially if it’s a launch of a new product. The natural response is to go with whichever marketer is adding the best value. That could mean providing the best review or sharing a clever angle for using the training or software, but usually it’s shopping for the best bonus.

Commission Gorilla is the industry leader in providing high quality DFY bonus packages for affiliates. This walkthrough explains how the software works and how you can benefit from sending customers to one of their pages rather than directly to an affiliate offer.

Additionally, if you’re having trouble getting approved as a vendor for high quality JVZoo and W+ products, this approach can be what makes the difference.

If you mention that you filter your traffic through a bonus page, the product vendor will know that the quality of customer that reaches their site will be higher, and they will be able to protect their metrics from junk traffic.

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