By | March 11, 2021

Dumb Little Cash Makers – Is it a Legitimate Method?

If you’re on any mailing lists, you’ve no doubt heard a lot this week about an earning system called Dumb Little Cash Makers by Bryan Winters.

Unfortunately, this is one of those courses where if a reviewer gives away certain details of the basic method it devalues the whole product but the sales page actually is a bit more transparent than a lot of the blind copy offers you usually suffer through.

I went ahead and purchased it, because I’ve had good experience with several of Bryan Winters programs and it sounded like an appealing and fun way to make money.

The method itself is as easy as it sounds in the sales video – you do some product research in a site he gives you, select a product, paste it in a place you probably wouldn’t have thought of using (although hidden in plain sight!). Then you make arrangements to have the product drop shipped or make an in-person exchange like a Craigslist situation (the site isn’t Craigslist though).

So the advantages are:

  • No website required
  • Buyers come to you…absolutely, and they are looking for that specific thing you’re offering
  • Paid in cash, in person (if you want)
  • No videos or conventional affiliate marketing
  • You don’t have to hold inventory – the method briefly describes how you make that work…
  • If you’re industrious you can scale it up into an e-com business

The disadvantages are:

You’re not completely anonymous with this one, especially if you choose to meet in person. You’ll need to educate yourself on the types of places to meet and conduct these sorts of transactions safely.

You might run out of ideas or have difficulty writing the product summaries (There’s an upsell for this)

I recommend purchasing it, and the price for the front end is currently only $10. However, if you don’t want to spend anything on it at all, I have a link to an alternative method of payment that I’ll soon be using on my own training materials!

Bryan Winters

Click image to access without paying!

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