By | April 20, 2021

Do you spend countless hours writing and submitting articles, setting up profiles and creating Web 2 links just to gain a few cheap links for your site?

As an Internet Marketer, do you have time to waste on these menial tasks while your competitors are taking your potential customers and making money you should have?

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Are you frustrated by how much work goes into getting great backlinks that will boost the ranking of your websites on the most prominent search engines?

Let’s be honest… submitting boring articles, setting up time-consuming profiles and creating those slow social links for backlinks just plain SUCKS!

Instant Backlink Magic is the exciting new software that is GUARANTEED to create fresh and quality relevant-to-niche backlinks to your website. As you know, relevant links is the NEW SEO.

Now you can push one MAGIC BUTTON for permanent 1 to 7 PR backlinks that are ready to leave a backlink to your site and increasing your site’s PR and rankings overnight!

Let Instant Backlink Magic do all the work by finding the links Google can’t stop but LOVE, backlinks that will squeeze your site to the top of the Google Index!

I’ve heard all about it… all that hype, promising you sky high rankings with a push of a button… Poof! And you’re ranking number one for your keyword.

When I first developed Instant Backlink Magic, I never planned to release it publicly. I developed Instant Backlink Magic for two reasons:

2. I was running a SEO firm at that time and we had clients paying us $500 per session to rank their sites as fast possible

Backlinks that otherwise would have taken hours and days even for the most badass SEO expert, can be done all on hands-off autopilot with this software…

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