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Develop a Hosted Mints App Marketing Poll

Getting your audience to interact and tell you exactly what they need, and being able to respond to it, is one of the most powerful ways to get them to buy from you or perform a CPA action. This service sets up and hosts a poll for you, which can segment your buyer and direct them to the proper good or service. Don't forget...if you open an account in the marketplace and promote this service as an affiliate, you'll get automatic PayPal commissions for this or anything else your referral purchases in the marketplace.

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Article to Video Conversion

This service converts an article to a simple

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Spin 100 versions of an article with Spin Rewriter

Unique articles are a necessity for the best search engine results, and yet to dominate a niche, it's best to publish content with a wide variety of permutations of non-keyword text. That's why there are a good number of Spinning software solutions on the market. Do your research and you'll find the best one is Spin Rewriter. This service will spin up to 100 versions of an article.

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