These systems utilize other people's efforts to drive traffic to your URL

Viral Ad Systems

Cash In On Banners

Lifetime views for your banner ads (free) and unlimited $10 payments (upgraded)...

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Free Viral Traffic in 6 Clicks...

They designed this system on a napkin during lunch at a McDonalds and revolutionized web traffic.

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Ad Viralizer is a completely free system. Activate your membership by watching 6 ads, then enter your own. Promote the free membership, and everyone who joins under you will see your ad for at least 30 seconds. The magic is everyone who joins under them will see your ad in 2nd position. This repeats 6 levels, which can multiply your efforts by hundreds or even thousands!

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Lead Skimmer Builds Your List 3X Faster!

The video on the next screen describes the unique viral effect that drives Lead Skimmer. You build a viral network below you that continues to pass up leads to you from unpaid members. If you upgrade (1 time fee for lifetime membership) you also receive viral payments from people who upgrade in your network.

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