By | April 18, 2021

When I wanted to start making money with Twitter, I purchased several methods being taught online, to help me get started. All of them fell short of producing real results. If that wasn’t bad enough, they wanted me to buy additional services that didn’t make their course any more effective.


I decided to spend several months researching Twitter myself. My goal was to generate income, for free, using Twitter. During my research, I stumbled across some free techniques that accomplished this goal. I asked myself,” why do the other courses have you purchasing additional services?” I would imagine, it is because no one knows of these techniques I am going to teach you. I also realized a key component that makes all of the difference.

While doing my research, I realized that there must be millions of people looking for information like I found. That is why I created this course. I wanted to help people like you who:

We have watched the rise and fall of other so called “Twitter Programs.” Here is the reason why they fail: All of the other programs out there only teach you how to get followers. You do not make money by getting followers. They are misguiding so many people.

They end up teaching people how to find other people that are looking for ways to make money. You end up with a few thousand other misguided people following you!! What am I going to do with 100,000 followers that are all trying to sell each other stuff? It makes no sense. They teach you to get followers that are all selling, not buying. Their programs are broken from the start.

I would rather have 2000 people that…

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