By | March 25, 2021

An update of how I’m doing on Moolavine…

  • I’ve run several Solo Ads on Udimi as experiments. I’m running direct to the affiliate offer (usually a bad idea but I’m upgraded in Moolavine and can message members from inside the site). I’m getting about a 25-35% conversion rate for free members and about 1-2 upgrades per run.
  • I’ve welcomed 496 members under me
  • I have 6 upgrades so far, each providing $10/month commissions.

What concerns me are 3 things:

Confusion about the Ordering Process

New members tend to be confused how to order products. There’s a “Hot Items” area at the bottom and apparently new members tend to think that’s it for the selection. I got several requests for car wash cloths, that were aborted by the would be purchaser. Thought it was strange that everybody wanted to wash their car at the same time… I got another request for Organifi, which is one of the rare Clickbank products that you have to be approved to promote (and their criteria is extremely difficult). Then I realized, the members were just clicking on the items in the “Hot Items” grid because it was prominently displayed and easy to just click on something…

That DEFEATS THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THE SYSTEM which is to buy items you were going to buy anyways, just from your Moolavine mentor rather than the Guru who first makes you aware of the product.

To be clear, you have to go to the marketplace (Clickbank or JVZoo), find the name of the product and URL of the sales page, and enter it in the fields shown here:

If you haven’t joined for free yet, click the image!

There is a video next to the request box explaining exactly how all this works!

2nd Concern – The Traffic Co-Op

Bryan Winters, the owner of the program, provided numerous disclaimers on this one because it was impossible to forecast the traffic that would be generated given that this is a new and highly unusual membership and he didn’t know how many people would subscribe to traffic shares.

My results so far have been disappointing. For $40 I’ve received 26 visitors from a Bing ad and 2 have converted to free members. I reached out to Bryan through the help desk, and he has longer term plans for getting some specific traffic sources up to speed, but you will probably, for the time being, be better off with solo ads on UDIMI, Facebook Ads, blog posts, videos, etc…

Moolavine provides some valuable resources and information on topics such as Facebook group posting, banner ads, and several others.

3rd Concern – Be Careful How You Target Your Vine Members!

Ok, so we already saw how members struggled with the concept of navigating the Clickbank marketplace, which is becoming more of an e-commerce front end appearance. Not a single request so far for a JVZoo product. My conclusion is I have probably 90% members who aren’t members of JVZoo or Clickbank! If you can somehow tailor and direct your message to existing members of those marketplaces, you will 100% do better!

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