5iphon Resources

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Concurrent computing

To get the most out of the system, you will need the following resources – which are free to join!

Autoresponder – A-Weber

You will need an Auto-Responder where your 5iphon leads will be placed!

I recommend A-Weber because of the multitude of other integrations available to it’s users…also, as a member of my team, I can send you campaign codes to set up entire e-mail sequences automatically in your account!

As of 7/14/2020 – A-Weber now has a FREE membership level which replaces its 30 day trial! So you can get money coming in with this method before you EVER have to lay out money for it…

Traffic Source – UDIMI

You will want a free membership with UDIMI – as seen in the training page, this is a top resource to provide the initial spark to light the fire of the 5iphon system’s viral effect. If you already have a fast source of traffic, you don’t absolutely need this one, but if you don’t, and you want instant gratification, I highly recommend it!