By | March 19, 2021

Use one of our preset theme styles, or make your site unique to get the perfect look and feel for your audience. With over 70 possible style customizations, your site will stand out from the rest.

Create your own product specifications and attributes such as color, size, style, etc. – Whatever you can think of! These specifications can then be easily displayed on different parts of your website.

This is a HUGE timesaver when adding product sliders and sortable tables to your website. Ultimate Azon makes this a breeze. Add products to your sliders and tables with a click of the mouse.

Tired of missing out on commissions from all of your international traffic? Well, worry no more. With our built-in Amazon link localization, you can now earn commissions from all of your traffic, all of the time.

Whichever colors, layouts, & styles you choose, your site will look good on any device big or small. Tablets, iPhones or Android, we have it covered.

Improve your affiliate link CTR by tracking click events through Google Tag Manager and the theme’s built-in link tracking system.

My name is Dave Nicosia and I’d like to introduce you to the Ultimate Azon WordPress Theme. About two years ago everything finally clicked for me and my most successful website was born.

After many months of tracking exactly how my visitors were using my website, I was able to make many small optimizations that resulted in this site being my most successful niche site ever.

I decided that it was time for me to release my website’s custom theme to the public and UAT was born.

Now you can replicate my most successful product review website ever, and take full advantage of all the conversion  optimizations and time saving features that I have…

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