By | March 28, 2021

The Situation

On Saturday, May 25th a far reaching law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force and apply to all websites that are visible and accessible to citizens of the European Union.

Why does this matter?

Because it applies to you whether or not:

  • You’re a small business (it’s a 1 size fits all regulation)
  • You’re not actually selling anything (it applies to any type of data collection, some of which may be invisible)
  • You yourself are not a European citizen (it’s meant to protect European citizens, and Europe has treaties with the US to enforce penalties)

If you’re an online marketer, you’ve probably been inundated the past few weeks with ominous warnings, and changes to terms and conditions from major service providers that you use, such as affiliate networks, payment processors, autoresponder memberships, and larger marketers whose lists you may be on.

The following video will describe the basics of the new law (it’s about 3 minutes)

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The Consequences

It’s obvious that the driving force behind the law was high profile scandals at large organizations where millions of people were affected by data breaches and abuses of private data. Unfortunately, the same interests have manipulated the law to create uncertainty that favors large corporations with legal departments while severely disadvantaging smaller businesses.

Until and unless this situation is improved, the penalties apply to companies or individual proprietors of any size or level of business.

The fees for ignoring the provisions of the regulation (or presumably not enacting them correctly) can be in the tens of thousand of Dollars/Euros, up to $20MM Euros or 4% of Global Revenues, whichever is HIGHER!

If you aren’t in compliance with the law, you may expose your affiliate network, your auto-responder company, your web host and your payment processors to the same fines, and they will most likely ban you pre-emptively out of an abundance of caution.

The Opportunity

If you can master the requirements of the law, and can easily and effectively help others comply, this is one of those rare situations where your market is not just the “make money online” marketplace…it’s pretty much EVERY small business that has a website! First, get yourself compliant, and then learn how to offer this service to others.

While this law is extremely scary, once you’re compliant, your site will actually be very professional and trust-worthy. You will reduce the risk you probably ALWAYS had to run afoul of systems like AdSense and may increase your SEO relative to non-compliant competitors. In addition, compliance will appeal directly to European consumers and others concerned with data privacy. Meanwhile some competitors, who resent the law will abandon Europe entirely and seek tools to block access to their websites.

An Initial Solution

The first major solution to come to market is called GDPR Fix.

  • The basic level allows you to become compliant on unlimited sites.
  • The 1st upgrade enhances your compliance by updating your Terms and Privacy Policy (critically important for AdSense sites and Google SEO)
  • The next upgrade allows you to legally install the plug-in on ANYONE’S website for a one-time or recurring fee. This is where you can help the hair dresser, the local restaurant, and other businesses who have a WordPress website, but don’t have the wherewithal to deal with the requirements of the new law.
  • Alternatively, the upgrade after that allows you to re-sell the plug-in to online businesses or web masters with basic knowledge of WordPress and the law, who just need an alternative to thousands of dollars of legal fees and developer fees.
  • Finally, there’s a white label / developers upgrade if you’re a developer yourself and want to modify the source code and sell it as your own product!

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